A Piece of the Action

There were actually more submissions than I had thought there would be, but still … I decided to submit one of my articles to the DailyBlogTips.com contest to see if any of his readers might be interested in coming over this way and trying out this blog. I think I give practical, understandable advice to people looking to either get into web design … WordPress development … and also people looking to pick up a nifty trick or two to try out on their blog sometime.

Obviously, you can read more about the purpose of this blog over at my about page :-)

Anyway, I thought I’d share the list with people here for the sake of giving Daniel a little link love. This contest isn’t just to benefit the readers you know, it’s also meant to generate some extra traffic and a few links in the process for Daniel. So, here’s the list of all the articles submitted:


Business & Career



Health & Fitness

Make Money Online


Technology & Internet


Web Development & SEO

Random Topics


Reader Interactions


  1. Aha! More links!
    Thanks Nathan, more links are always appreciated (I’m under photography).

    You have some very nice WordPress themes showcased here. Will definitely browse more.