Designers Wanted!

Are you a Photoshop genius? Does Illustrator bow to your every whim? Can you create website mockups that would make the Apple design team salivate? Have you benefited from open source and free software like WordPress? Have you been wanting to contribute, but never had the chance?

During the last few weeks, an idea of mine has been stewing and is finally coming close to fruition. So I have a proposition for you, if you choose to accept it.

Without revealing too much, I am asking talented designers, dedicated to the idea of free and open source contributions, to consider helping me with a ground breaking project that we will launch in the near future.

So if you are a designer oozing with talent and itching to contribute to the WordPress community, please contact me and we can discuss the details. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me. You charge $2000+ to convert a PSD to CSS, but want designers to work for free…

    Let me guess, your project will look good in my portfolio…

  2. @Webmonkey Joe:
    I’ve also released over 10 FREE WordPress themes. My rates are for custom work, and my call for designers has nothing to do with that. This is a chance for a designer and a coder to work together to release MORE free WordPress themes. Get it?

    Just so ya know…

  3. I’m so there for this project. It’s what I’ve been looking for. A coder and designer co-op of sorts. I design but I don’t code.

    I’ve sent you an email so hope you respond soon. I’ve got a new theme to bring to the WP community I’m sure will be a hit.