Is My Theme 2.7 Compatible?

Let me go ahead and answer the question that a LOT of people are going to be asking over the next several weeks as the release of WordPress 2.7 draws closer. Yes. Your theme, more than likely, will be compatible with WordPress 2.7.

That is to say, it won’t break under 2.7. However, this latest version of WordPress does add a good many NEW features to themes that, unless properly accounted for, your theme probably won’t be taking advantage of immediately.

For instance, threaded comments. Even if you turn on threaded comments in your new 2.7 Admin settings, unless your theme is using the new wp_list_comments() function in its comments.php file, you won’t see any threaded comments. A minor detail, but it is worth noting.

So, while 2.7 will most likely NOT break your theme, you should also keep in mind that it probably won’t be take advantage of the newest 2.7 theme features — at least not at first. Check back with your theme’s developer to see if they have plan for adding the new features into your theme in the future.

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  1. is_sticky() … I know there’s a lot of major upgrades coming but I can’t help but get giddy about the is_sticky() option for templates. With luck, all of our themes will go smoothly but just incase, everybody should remember that it’s possible to install a second copy of WP on the web server to test their theme before it goes live.

  2. That’s nice to know it, but what about people like me which are using a Theme that looks like there isn’t support anymore.

    I’m using summerfruit which I really love it, but I couldn’t fine much information on web from the creator, even it has some issues for example with quotes and others things that I would like to be different.

    I supposed I should change my theme soon which a 2.7 compatible one and maybe a new layout.

    BTW do you know a place where I can find info of what to expect when I change my theme?.

    I’m please remember, I’m no a programer.

    Best Regards

  3. I would like to add here a valuable advice. I did not know about it until it hit me and my domain got blocked for high bandwidth.

    I initially had BTC (Brian’s Threaded Comments) installed. When I disabled it, I did not check the error_log to see everything is functioning as supposed to. The next day, my blog was blocked.

    So be sure to remove all references to any plugin in the comments file.

  4. I’ve found some great advice on your site. Thank you!

    It took me forever to find a theme that worked for my purposes, and I spent so much time customizing it that I don’t want to change it again. It’s a theme that’s been abandoned by its author, but I’ve gotten everything to work in 2.7 except the tags, and none of the tagging plugins, like SimpleTags, are working with 2.7.

    So it’s a problem, but I’m reading your SEO optimization articles, so hopefully it won’t be a huge one.

  5. @Jane, Simpletags is working just fine with 2.7, even in my case resolve a problem which I was having with the RSS when simpletag was enabled, after 2.7 and the new version of simpletag all is working like a charm.

  6. I am a theme designer and have created about 15 themes. All my themes are compatible with WordPress ver 2.7. It would be nice if you can drop by my site and take a look :)

  7. Also a big problem could be wordpress plugins. Not all plugins are working with every theme and with all other plugins togehter.