NewsPixel – A Newspaper WordPress Theme that Rocks!


After eluding to it a couple of days ago, I’m happy to announce the completion of NewsPixel, a premium WordPress theme that we are releasing through

This theme goes beyond what any of my free themes do … this newspaper WordPress theme makes starting a news blog a breeze!

I’ve included a homepage that is more of a portal than a blog, including featured posts, asides, featured video, easy adsense integration, and javascript tabs that display your most popular posts, recent comments, and the most commented posts.

This feature packed theme includes theme options, so you can select the category you would like to go in the “feature” section without touching a line of code! Just go into the theme options page and choose which category you would like to be displayed where, and there you go!

The same goes for adsense … all you have to do is paste your adsense skyscraper code, and you’re on your way to monetizing your blog!

I’m not just hyping it … a lot of work went into this theme, and we’re excited to finally launch it! Head over to the demo site and check out the features.

Finally, one of the best things about this premium theme is the fact that Cory has done some excellent screencast tutorials for setting up the theme. If you’re unsure about how hard it might be to set up the theme on your site, take a look at the instructional videos and see how fast and easy you can be up and running with your new blog. Once you purchase this theme, you can be set up and running within 10 minutes.

The theme is being introduced at $97, and you can get your copy today by heading over to the purchase page of NewsPixel.


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  1. Nice work – I think you’re right about bundling more dashboard functionality in with this theme, and future themes, as that ease-of-use is what people expect with a CMS. Seeing what people are doing with WP right now has made made quickly forget about the days of Joomla and Drupal.

  2. This one is just super. I am a journalist who runs a news website which is fairly large, and have been looking at newspaper-magazine themes for a long while. This is one of the best I have seen.

    (I am still not buying it for now – but that is because there are some inherent internal linking issues in the WordPress archiving structure that I am trying to understand.) Great work, though.

  3. @Darren,
    True, True. I predict that WP is going to begin to take over the CMS market, not just the blogging market, but the traditional CMS too, like drupal/joomla/etc.

    What we have planned for business websites is going to blow WP open as far as functionality goes. Let’s just say that people are going to begin to seriously consider WP as a true CMS.

    What issues are you referring to? I’d be willing to be that I could answer some of those questions for ya.

  4. Congrats on the release Nathan – it takes a lot of hard work and even more balls to stick your neck out there with a product that you’re proud of! :) I can assure you that some peeps won’t look upon this move as a good one, but you should just ignore them and continue to do your own thing.

    I can see Brian G’s cleanness in the theme – not my cup of tea, but definitely a good decision, since people want a clean theme that they can easily customize. Including the theme options is also a great choice – but be prepared for a bucketload of support enquiries once you start selling a few copiees, because people can’t read a help file and don’t know what theme options are… :)

    Anyway, good luck with the release – it’s good to add some more competition to the race! :) Keep up the good work.

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful theme. You already have the backing of one journalist and I could well imagine you’ll see more.

    “I can assure you that some peeps won’t look upon this move as a good one, but you should just ignore them and continue to do your own thing.”

    Coming from a white South African, this sort of statement makes perfect sense.

  6. Wow. The theme looks great. :) Got here from SP’s site after seeing his comment about your theme. xD This theme would work for a project I’m fixing. I’ll definitely save up for this one. :)

  7. Nika,
    First of all, thanks for the bug report! Can’t believe we missed that! Easy fix though :-)

    Secondly, what post did SP mention this theme in? I know Brian G. mentioned it, but wasn’t aware SP did too!!!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  8. Actually it was on the comments. Saw your comment on the wpdesigner7, and SP followed up your comment with a note saying: “@Nathan – Impressive premium theme! I’m checking it out.”

    So I scrolled up and looked for your name on the commenter’s and got your link. xD

    By the way I just dropped by SP’s blog again and your there now on the latest post. ^^

  9. What about tag pages? I’m finding that alot of my traffic is coming from tag pages. I didn’t see any settings for true/false with regard to tag pages. Thx.

  10. another time that make me confuse, which one news style that i have to use…LOL… many free themes with news style that for FREE..