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Proximity News ThemeOver the last several months, evenings and weekends mostly, I’ve been quietly working on what could be the most advanced WordPress News Theme available. The product of well over 100 hours of development time by yours truly, I’m happy to finally announce the launch of Proximity News Theme!

The Short Version

Yes, Proximity is a news theme, and yes, there is already an overabundance of news themes available, but as I looked at the choices available, I knew that I could do better. There are several features of Proximity that I simply couldn’t find in any other available news themes, so I decided to just make my own! :-)

The Features

Honestly, there are too many to name, but I’ll do my best …

  • Custom Header Image
  • Theme Options/Settings Panel (brand new!)
  • Drop-Down Navigation (suckerfish)
  • “Smart” homepage (demo)
  • Archives/Blog Template (demo)
  • Advanced Sidebar
  • Pretty Category Archives (demo)
  • Custom Author Template (demo)
  • Simple Search Results Page (demo)
  • Innovative Single Post Template (demo)
  • Story Thumbnails
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Painless Automatic SEO

For a full list of features and an explanation of each one, head over to the features page.

Theme Options

I felt that the old way of doing Theme Options just wasn’t cutting it for me any more.  So, I took a couple of days and decided to rebuild a Theme Options page that was both more flexible and blended with the new WordPress 2.5+ dashboard design.

Feedburner URL
Just like in my previous free themes, I included the ability to enter your own Feedburner (or other custom feed service) URL. If you choose to use this option, all the standard feed links in the theme will be replaced by your custom Feedburner URL.

Exclude Pages from Navigation
Have you ever wanted to exclude certain pages from the top-level navigation on your site?  With this option, you just choose the pages you don’t want to show up and save the options.  It’s as easy as that!  No code editing necessary!

Feature Category
Choose which category you want to use as your “Feature” category.  This will be used to populate the main feature section on the home page.

Post By Category
This one is a little harder to explain.  Go take a look at the left column of the homepage, under the feature section.  This is the “post by category” section.  Essentially, you choose which categories you want to feature there, and the intelligent homepage does the rest!  It pulls the latest post from the categories you choose and features them in this section.  But the beauty of this is it will NEVER duplicate a post that is featured somewhere else on the homepage!

Feature Video Code
Just past the embed code from any of the popular video sharing sites here.  The intelligent homepage will resize the video to fit in the space available.  It couldn’t be easier!!!

Here you can paste your adsense code to be featured in various optimal places throughout the theme.  No more theme editing necessary!

Tracking Code
Do you have a Google Analytics or Mint account?  Forget about having to edit the theme files to get your tracking code working.  Just paste your tracking code in the theme options, and choose where you want it to be placed.  Done!

Search Engine Optimization Options
The defaults should work here, but I wanted to give you a little input in case your situation called for it.  This theme is the ULTIMATE in SEO!!! I’ll be outlining the steps I took to make this theme so perfectly optimized, but until then, you get to reap the benefits by being an owner of the Proximity News Theme!

Get Your Copy Today!

So, are you convinced yet??? If not, head over to the Proximity site and take a look for yourself.  You can browse the features, check out the list of frequently asked questions, and watch some of the video tutorials.  Once your done, you can head over to the purchase page to pick yourself up a copy.

Bonus FREE Theme!!!

If you purchase the Proximity News Theme Developer’s license, I’m throwing in a single use copy of either the Proximity Classic Theme (formerly known as NewsPixel) or the Proximity Classic Dark Theme (formerly known as Dark News Theme), for NO EXTRA COST!!!  This is a $49.99 value!!!

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  1. Ctrl-clicking. Very cool, Nathan. Nice job, on the navigation options too.

    And—Hey! Wait! Ultimate SEO theme? I think Thematic and Proximity (and a couple others) will have to arm wrestle for that one.

  2. @Ian
    I haven’t spent too much time with thematic, but I’ve figured some things out as of late that really do make WP themes extremely SEO pumped. I tested a couple of different keywords and had front page google results within a week.

    There are several themes that are good in SEO, though. But very few match the level of Proximity.

  3. Wonderful. I know you’ve been working VERY hard on this. Great job. It may just start a new standard for news/magazine WordPress Themes. Well done!

  4. Looks good — like a true SEO theme should. I see so many themes claiming to be optimized yet the post title is marked up H2 instead H1, and the H1 is used for the header logo — that’s just dumb.

    Purchased. Thanks.

  5. @Michael:

    Thanks for stopping by and purchasing Proximity!

    I’ve spent months studying WP Theme SEO techniques and integrating them into Proximity. You’re right, too many themes are poor in the SEO department. I wanted to make sure I left no stone unturned. And if I did happen to miss something, I plan on fixing it immediately. I want this theme to help people rank as soon and as high as possible.


  6. looking really slick there NR with your latest news theme! Glad you finally released it! I’m sure a lot of the features are under the hood with so many hours put into this bad boy. Congrats!

  7. Hi Nathan,

    I’m using this theme on my CandleMonkey blog right now. I haven’t done too much in the way of customization yet … but to be honest, it works (and looks) pretty nice “right out of the box”.

    The only minor beef I have (and it’s not at all your fault), is that I have about 200 posts, and not all of them had images. lol, I think I’m going to be editing and uploading pictures for the next couple of weeks.

    On another note, the main reason I bought this theme is that I’d used one of your free themes (Elegant Blue) in the past, and really liked it … and subscribed to your blog at the time … which allowed me to see the announcement about Proximity.

    So basically what I’m saying is that giving away free stuff does pay off.

    Thank you very much,

  8. This would be a GREAT theme if only you understood there are more advertisers then just Google and it might be nice to have some optional places for say some 125×125 a 468×90 and even a 120/160×600 somewhere on the page so I can use it if I move in that direction. This is the only thing that has stopped me from buying. Im sure Im not alone.