RockinBizRed Updated to 2.0

RockinBizRedOne of my most popular themes has needed an update for months now, and I’ve finally gotten around to doing it. Well, here it is. Have at it!!!

This theme has been totally rebuilt. I did not modify the old theme at all. I started from the bottom and worked my way up, completely revamping the entire theme. This baby is ready to go on any blog! If you are using the original version of my RockinBizRed3Col theme, you NEED to upgrade to version 2.0.

Probably the most requested bug on version 1.1 was the widget problem. The sidebars are now fully widgetized! No more hanging bullets or funky padding. Your widgets should work like a charm now!

Theme Features:
3 columns, with sidebars on either side of the content
A wide enough content column to fit those youtube videos.
Awesome business look for business and professional blogs.
New fonts for a cleaner, more consistent look throughout the site
Customizable classes
Fully commented template files for added customization


For a demo of this theme, CLICK HERE »

Theme Updates

Occasionally, there will be a bug or two in my themes. I want to be sure that if I release a bug fix, you’re going to know that I’ve done so, so that you are able to upgrade as soon as possible. So, if you would either subscribe to my main RSS feed or input your email address in the form below, I can be sure that you’ll know when I release updates. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL AFTER YOU SUBMIT THE FORM AND VERIFY YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!

Enter your email address:

Please check your email after submitting and verify your subscription.

For the time being, please report bugs in the comments below. Eventually, I’m going to set up a forum for support, but for now, the comments will have to do.

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  1. Nathan,

    Thank you so much for creating, and then improving, this theme. I am using it for my church website. I had modified the previous version, but this is cleaner and runs smoother. I’ve still added a little customization, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into making that a painless process. The clean code and comments are very much appreciated! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for such a great theme! It looks great and is working like a charm except for one thing…the right sidebar is not showing up for the child pages. Is there something I can do to fix this? You can see it if you click on my name.

  3. Hello.. how can I add spaces between the lines in the main body of the theme without creating spaces in the side bars?? Every time I add space in the style sheet at the top where it says “body”, it creates space in the side bars as well. Please help.. Also is there a reason that you chose to use the grayish color text (333) in the theme instead of just using black (000)? Thanks so much!

  4. Great theme and easy to customize. However on Archive pages the header says “Archive for Archive for blah blah blah” instead of “Archive for blah blah blah.”

  5. I commented earlier to tell you how much I love this new and improved theme, but I have noticed one problem: the right sidebar often falls down. It seems to happen only in firefox and I haven’t figured out what triggers it.
    Any tips?
    Also, I found that if I changed the background image that is behind the navigation links at the top and moved it to function as a text background for the navigation links instead, I could easily add my own repeating background to the rest of the blog. I probably made that sound far more complicated than it needed to be, but it’s one very simple change to the code that made it far easier for me to play around with the theme.

  6. Does it require a certain version of WP. I am on 2.1 and when I try this theme i only see two wodgets on the left side the header and nothing else. No content at all.
    Any help would be gret


  7. I have a suggestion regarding the image in the header. Why not set it up like Kubrick does for the default them where the user can change the image as they please instead of modifying/imbedding the code because that may screw up the novices?

    Also tried to leave this comment over at your rockin site and it wouldn’t reconize my email address.

  8. @Flora M Brown
    What you want to do is find the header.psd file I included with the theme and open it up in Photoshop. Then you can change the name. Save the file out to header.jpg and replace the header.jpg that’s in the theme folder.

  9. @BBR
    Great idea. I’m actually looking into including the custom header API into my themes. But I have other things on the schedule before that, so it may be a while.

  10. on single post view my right sidebar is hosed in FF and IE – works fine on homepage. yes I did change the image header considerably but a default install produces the same results. looking for a clue using firebug but not finding anything. thx

  11. I fixed it! :-)

    It isnt a CSS problem, the problem is the sidebar code for the right sidebar is outside the loop in the single.php, at the bottom, right before the footer. Cut and paste the right sidebar code toward the top of the file directly after the left sidebar code and everybody behaves like they should, Firefox and IE.

    here’s the code you need to cut and paste but I am not sure WP comments is going to allow it:

  12. the code didnt show up but here is part of the what the snippet you ashould be looking for will contain: …include(TEMPLATEPATH.”/r_sidebar.php…

    and where it should be inserted at the top is still out of the loop (loopness may not have anything to do with anything) the point being IE and FF like the right sidebar snippet at the top better. According to what Firebug was showing, the browser was somehow thinking the rifght sidebar was part of the content and when it ran out of room to the right because of the width of the center column it was pushing the right sidebar to the bottom.

  13. I had the same problem as R. Richard Hobbs except my single post page was fine; the right sidebar was falling down in the index page. Following his instructions on the index page (where the sidebar code appears again just before the footer) solved my problem. Thanks, Richard, for helping work this little bug out of a great theme!

  14. The theme is really cool, but when I go to the widget setup page, it shows nothing.

    In the 1.1 version it worked just fint.

    Any suggestions?

  15. Thanks Nathan. We’ve been using this template for a year now, and having switched to Blue Host last night I am now working on our new site, and I have upgraded the template as you ordered.

    But I’m having a problem.

    Like Hobbs has written, my right side bar has fallen low and I have no idea how to rectify that. I can see the line of code that he is talking about, but I have already had to reload the theme once already, I’ll wait to mess with what I don’t understand until I must.

    Can anyone give me detailed instructions on how to cure my right side bar blues?

  16. Is the download link for Rockin Biz Red 3 Column 2.0 dead? I am trying to upgrade from 1.1, and can’t seem to get it to download.

  17. It’s no biggie. I found it on another WordPress theme site. By the way it is a great theme. I did some heavy customizations on it for a friend’s website. He’ll be taking it live on the 2nd of April if you’d like to see it, let me know and I’ll shoot you the URL.

  18. I have the issue with the right sidebar falling down on the single post view page like R. Hobbs. I followed his instructions and it works well in FF but not in IE. In IE, the right sidebar moves and scrambles across the content section and the actual post content falls to the bottom left. If I don’t do what R. Hobbs mentioned, then the right sidebar falls down on the single post page in FF.

    Another question I have is-is it ok to to switch the menu back to how it was on the older version? The newer version has it embedded in the header div within the container div and the older version had it outside of the container. Just asking because I had a customization with the older version that I can’t re-create with the new one. I still new to editing themes so forgive me if I didn’t work this correctly.

  19. Thank you so much for creating, and then improving, this theme. I am using it for my church website. It looks cleaner and hear it runs smoother thank olders version. Thanks again will be using this one soon as I get a new host.

  20. @mrmtd:
    Glad you were able to figure out the problem! I still need to find the time to go through and update this theme, but it’s so hard with so many other things that need to be done as well.

    Anyway, you bring up a good point in your second paragraph. I suppose the #menu div would do fine outside the #header div, and I should perhaps start doing that very thing consistently in my themes. Very good (unintentional) suggestion! :-)

  21. Dear Nathan,

    I’m using your great RockinBizred 1.1 Theme on my blog. Now I like to/have to do the upgrade to 2.0.

    But I like to stay with the old type (Verdana?) and I like to have a bigger Typo size and more space between the lines – just like it was in Theme 1.1

    What do I have to chance in the style sheet?

    Thanx Tom

  22. Great theme Nathan! to fix the falling right sidebar in FF, open up the single.php file in your editor and cut”
    ” which appears nears the bottom of the script. Now paste go to the top of the script and paste directly beneath “
    “. Note that the “”‘s are NOT included. This should sold your falling right sidebar in FF with WP2.5

  23. I’ve been using this theme since February, and I really like it. But when I tried to upgrade to WordPress 2.6, the front page was broken. I had no content on the home page (everything else was there, just no content. The issued wasn’t (I don’t think) due to the database, since I could hit everything with a direct link or from the management screen, but I had not content on the front page.

    I’ve reverted back to 2.3.3 because I don’t want to redo my look at this point. If you come up with a fix to work with 2.6, I’ll be happy to upgrade! This theme has worked so well on my site!

  24. Nathan and friends,
    I loved your theme, and I´ve been using it for more than 1 year.
    Now I want to upgrade to the RockinBiz 2.0, but I am having a problem with the new theme.
    When I install the 2.0, all the posts, texts and images, including the post title, and all the text inside the widgets, get alligned to the center.
    What does cause it? How could I fix it?

  25. Natan,
    forget the comment written before. I´ve just fixed the problem, that was related to the widgets. Everything is okay with the theme.

  26. I had the same problem with the right sidebar falling down, only in the IE, but the cut+paste solution did´t work.

    I found another way to fix it, reducing the sidebar width from 200 to 188px. But if someone can help me with a better way to fix it, I´d be gratefull.

  27. Hi I really hope someone can help me. I am new to blogging and wordpress and am just beginning to set up my blog. I love the RockinBizRed template but am having some trouble. It is displaying perfectly in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer. In IE the right sidebar is not showing, and content is missing from my posts. I tried cutting and pasting the line of code as described by a couple of people here but it made no difference. Any suggestions? Please explain in detail as this is all new to me. Thanks

  28. Fixed the problem with the right side bar by altering the code in all the templates (not just the single.php one). However still have the problem of my post content now showing up in IE. the heading shows up but not the content. On one of my pages the first half of the article is missing and yet it shows up fine in Firefox. Any suggestions?

  29. Fixed the problem. Here’s what to do if others have problems. When you type your content in MS Word and use the “paste from word” command, it adds a whole heap of html that messes things up. Go to html view and delete those first few lines of html and save/publish your file and it should work perfectly.

  30. Hi When I click on the “For a demo of this theme, CLICK HERE” link it asks me to set up a config file or something, is something wrong or am I supposed to do that?

  31. The theme is really cool, but when I go to the widget setup page, it shows nothing.

    In the 1.1 version it worked just fint.

    Any suggestions?

  32. Thank you for updating it because the old theme was causing a lot of problems and and updation was always definitely required. Looks better as of now!!

  33. Thanks Nathan for a theme that is just awesome. We’ve been using it for two years!

    Problem: In Firefox, looks great. Single post in IE – great. Website in IE – no right sidebar, no footer. I mean nothing. The sidebar hasn’t been pushed down, it’s just gone, as is the footer.

    I’m going to re-read the comments here to see if there is something I can do to resolve it.

    Any ideas?



  34. Hi Nathan Rice!

    wow! This is FANTASTIC theme t for me to put on my blog.nathan rice can i dowwload and modified your theme and put at my blog????

    Thanks so much ,
    Nathan Rice!

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    Love your writing style and the design of your blog, your blog is great thanks for the info

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  37. I love the RockinBizRed template but am having some trouble. It is displaying perfectly in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer. In IE the right sidebar is not showing, and content is missing from my posts

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