About this Blog

I started this blog for 2 reasons.

First reason
I wanted a personal spot to release free WordPress themes. Every once in a while, I get inspired to design a theme for release to the community. The blogging community has been good to me, and the WordPress community in particular. I want to occasionally give back.

Second reason
Over the past few months of developing free and custom WordPress themes, I’ve picked up a few tips. The reason this site is a blog and not just a “website” is because I want to write articles that bloggers find helpful. I really want to write articles that help regular bloggers, not just professional WordPress developers or web designers. I try to write articles that are easy to follow and understand.

So this blog is for you. From regular Joe bloggers to professional theme developers, hopefully you will find tips and tricks here that will help you make the blogs you work on BETTER. If there are any questions you have about web design or WordPress theme development, feel free to suggest topics for future posts here on the blog. I’d be happy to consider them and see what I can do.

About the Author

My name is Nathan Rice. I am in my 20’s and live in the southeastern United States.

I am a blogger and web designer/developer, and I love my job. I do freelance web design and co-own a web design firm with my business partner Cory Miller. We operate a free WordPress theme site called RockinThemes.com where a handful of designers release quality themes for the public as our contribution to the community.

I contribute weekly posts to the Blog Herald and Performancing, and I also contribute to a WordPress tip site called WordPressThemes.com with Cory Miller and Brian Gardner.

Finally, I run a personal blog at NathanRice.org where I speak on topics concerning religion and science. It’s a personal outlet where I can express my religious and spiritual thoughts in an environment where people are encourage to comment and discuss the topics addressed in the posts.

I love good friends, having a meal at a restaurant, chocolate-chip cookies, my church, my country, reading blogs, digg, and writing web code. I love a good debate on a topic I’m familiar with or interested in.

I don’t like visual basic, literature, country music, apartments, typepad/drupal/joomla, myspace, vegetables, self-righteous attitudes, and having to pay for gasoline.

Custom Work

If you are interested in contacting me for a quote on a custom WordPress theme, please visit my custom theme page for package information and use the contact form. Someone will contact you soon thereafter.