10 Sites That Produce Quality WordPress Content

Sometimes, it’s hard to find good sources of quality WordPress content around the net. The problem is, many times good sites go unnoticed because of a lack of good marketing. Sometimes, even, good sites get sold off to bad owners. It happens.

I track a lot of WordPress content daily, so I’m happy to sort through the noise for you. My list is lean and mean, and I don’t mind sharing. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feeds and/or follow them on twitter too.

Here are 10 sites I highly recommend if you are looking to expand your understanding of WordPress, or keep up with what’s going on in the community.

1. wpazo.com

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Started by Ian Stewart (@iandstweart), this site doesn’t produce content, but rather scours the internet and finds the good stuff for you. The blog is fairly young, but I’ve been incredibly impressed with the caliber and frequency of content it promotes. Your humble blog author has been featured several times in the last few days, so you know Ian’s got good taste. :-)

2. WPEngineer.com

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WPEngineer is definitely one of my favorites. They feature new posts on a fairly regular basis, and the content is solid and understandable. They cover both simple and more technical content, but it’s done in a very understandable way.

3. WPRecipes.com

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I love this concept. Take an idea (a recipe) and write a short, concise, extremely useful article explaining how to do it. I wouldn’t even call it an article. It’s basically one sentence describing what they’re trying to accomplish, and a code blog that demonstrates how to accomplish it. No fluff.

4. WPTavern.com

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Jeff Chandler (@jeffr0) has done an amazing job of forming a vibrant and growing community around this concept. His site features both a blog and a forum where WordPress news, ideas, themes, plugins, and everything else WordPress gets discussed. This is definitely a resource you want to keep up with.

5. JustinTadlock.com

Visit Site@justintadlock on twitter
Though he doesn’t produce content too often, when he does, it’s almost always useful. Definitely not for the faint of heart, Justin’s articles are going to dig deep into WordPress coding, but you’ll definitely learn something new. Justin is also the author of the Hybrid theme, a WordPress theme framework which, no doubt, powers thousands of WordPress blogs.

6. WeblogToolsCollection.com

Visit Site@laughinglizard on twitter
The big daddy. WLTC is no doubt the most popular blog about WordPress out there. Mark Gosh and his team produce DAILY content on WordPress news, events, themes, plugins, and tutorials. It’s pretty much got everything you might want. If you’re not already subscribed, then you’ve probably been living in a bomb shelter since 1999. Come on out, and give WLTC a look-see.

7. PlanetOzh.com

Visit Site@ozh on twitter
Ozh is probably best known for his plugin development, but he also writes tutorials on his process and methodology, which is invaluable for someone looking to get into plugin development. I personally owe a good portion of what I know about plugin development to Ozh. I used his source code to teach myself. Great guy. Great content. Great site.

8. ProBlogDesign.com

Visit Site@problogdesign on twitter
While not technically a blog about WordPress, Michael does write WordPress tips and tutorials quite often, making this a resource worth having in your feed reader. Every tutorial I’ve ever read from them is clear and easy to follow. I’m a subscriber, and you should be too.

9. ThemeShaper.com

Visit Site@iandstewart on twitter
The home of the Thematic theme framework for WordPress, Ian has built a large community of users and fans there. Many of the tutorials are Thematic specific, but they often apply to WordPress in general too. At the very least, you’ll meet a cool guy and download a slick theme.

10. WP-Fun.co.uk

Visit Site@andrew_rickmann on twitter
WordPress coding guru Andrew Rickman runs this blog. More technical in nature, WP-Fun does cover deeper topics, but in an understandable way, and also does plugin reviews, talks about open source philosophy, and other things that I think you’ll enjoy. Plus, Andrew is another very cool person you’ll be glad you met.

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  1. Thanks for this! Was checking out the WP Scattered Info post over on WPTavern yesterday and was going through all the comments and checking out the sites of those that were leaving comments.

    Trying to expand out and find some more great developers/coders who work with WordPress.

  2. I’m always glad to find out that someone else in the WordPress community is sick of all the noise. In other words, excellent list—even though you put me on there twice! ;)


  3. It’s my honor to have WPTavern.com listed amongst those other sites. I’m in good company. Thanks for the link and continuing to spend time in my community.

  4. Thanks for the great list of resources Nathan. I have most of them in my RSS feed already, with the exception of ProBlogDesign.com (will be adding that one as well).

  5. Thanks for this! I hope, we can write more good stuff in the feature for WP-users and developers. Best regards

  6. Hey Nathan I want to thank you. My readers have been asking about this very thing. I will send them your way. I like to spread the love. Great job. Keep it going. Peace.
    Robert R. Thomas

  7. I would like to add sofarider.com to your list. There are some really original and interesting WP themes. Some of them are completely made with Flash.