WordPress Plugins

In addition to developing many WordPress themes, I also have been busy developing several plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress themes. In fact, most of them can be included in themes, so that users don’t have to install a third-party plugins.

WP-Cycle Plugin

Ever wanted one of those homepage image slideshows that the big boys have? You know what I’m talking about … they display some sort of image teaser to a story or section of their website they want you to visit. Well, now you can have one of your own. WP-Cycle allows you to upload images via the admin panel, and the script will resize them to fit the dimensions you specify, then it takes the images and uses them to create a nifty fading slideshow (thanks to the jQuery Cycle plugin). Pretty cool, eh? You can also make each image a link, so that if a user clicks it, it will take them to a URL of your choice. You can see a simple demo of the slideshow in action here.

Single Post Template Plugin

This little piece of awesomeness was developed specifically for theme developers, or people who really like customizing their theme. It essentially gives you the ability to add “post templates” to your theme, much like “page templates”. Every WordPress theme has the capability of including the ability to create multiple “page templates” that users can choose (via a dropdown) when editing or writing a page. I thought the same thing should be included for posts.

Redirect Parent to First Child Plugin

Those of you who like to use WordPress as your CMS of choice will like this little nugget. Have you ever wanted to use pages/subpages as navigation, but only wanted the parent page to be for organization, and never accessed? With this plugin, you bypass them altogether. Any time you create a page with subpages, this plugin will automatically redirect the parent page to its first currently-published child page. The plugin respects the Menu Order that you give the child pages too.

Custom Field Redirect Plugin

Again, for naughty guys and gals who use WordPress as a CMS, this plugin allows you to define a custom URL via a custom field on any page. Any time a user tries to access that page, it sends them to your custom URL. This plugin is ideal for adding external links to your navigation menu without adding code. Just make a new page, enter a key => value of redirect => URL and save the page. Voila! you now have a new navigation menu item that points at your external URL. Magic!