WordPress Plugins

In addition to developing many WordPress themes, I also have been busy developing several plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress themes, including plugins that are built specifically for the Genesis framework for WordPress.

Below you can find links to some of my most popular plugins. If you would like to see all my plugins, you can check out my WordPress.org plugin page.

Genesis Simple Hooks

Download Genesis Simple Hooks
This plugin allows you to insert content, or remove default content, from Genesis without writing code. Simply choose the hook you would like to output to (Genesis has a ton of them), and insert the content you would like to show up. You can also choose to insert PHP code, or WordPress shortcodes if you wish.

Genesis Simple Edits

Download Genesis Simple Edits
If you don’t like the way Genesis handles the entry meta (byline, categories, etc.) before and after the entry content, or perhaps you want to change the footer credits, this plugin allows you to do it without writing any code. There is a reference guide so you can use some (or none) of the provided shortcodes to make dynamic output (like the current year) easier. A simple, but very useful plugin.

SEO Data Transporter

Download SEO Data Transporter
It can be a pain to switch from one SEO plugin to another. The thought of having to enter in years of SEO data can be discouraging, and that’s why many people simply never switch plugins, even if there is a better option. That’s why I built SEO Data Transporter. Simply choose the plugin you’re moving away from, and the plugin you’re switching to, and let the plugin convert all that post and page SEO data automatically. Couldn’t be easier.

Genesis Simple Sidebars

Download Genesis Simple Sidebars
Sometimes, you just don’t want to include your standard sidebar on a particular post or page. You want something custom, something different. Sure, you could write some code to do it, but not everyone is that comfortable writing PHP. So I built the Genesis Simple Sidebars plugin to make this a lot easier for you. Just use the tool to create a new sidebar widget area. Populate that sidebar with whatever you want, and simply edit the page and use the dropdown to choose which sidebar you want to use. No coding, no headaches.

WP-Cycle Plugin

Download WP-Cycle
Ever wanted one of those homepage image slideshows that the big boys have? You know what I’m talking about … they display some sort of image teaser to a story or section of their website they want you to visit. Well, now you can have one of your own. WP-Cycle allows you to upload images via the admin panel, and the script will resize them to fit the dimensions you specify, then it takes the images and uses them to create a nifty fading slideshow (thanks to the jQuery Cycle plugin). Pretty cool, eh? You can also make each image a link, so that if a user clicks it, it will take them to a URL of your choice.

Single Post Template Plugin

Download Single Post Template
This little piece of awesomeness was developed specifically for theme developers, or people who really like customizing their theme. It essentially gives you the ability to add “post templates” to your theme, much like “page templates”. Every WordPress theme has the capability of including the ability to create multiple “page templates” that users can choose (via a dropdown) when editing or writing a page. I thought the same thing should be included for posts.